Here are ten haiku
(I finally remembered)
by Graham Mitchell

Lord, God Almighty
Who was, is, and is to come
May my life praise You

It's hard to go home
Knowing there's no one waiting
Yet, I trust in Him

My dear, sweet lady
My desire is for you
O lover of God

I love teaching, but
I want to be excellent
sooner than later

while ( i == i ) {
	cout << "Mr. Mitchell's cool.";
	i += 1; }

Much of life is "weak"
Homework; having to give grades
I'd rather just teach

fov 40...
Stand still just one more second...
Blue spiral... You lose.

I'd like to be taller
With huge pectoral muscles
Well, can't have it all

Questions or comments?
I am in room 205;
come by any time.