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Monday, 22 Nov 1999 [18:39 CST]

Wow! It's like I won the lottery! Most of you know I'm not a big fan of cleaning bathrooms. So a short while ago I thought "I really need to clean that toilet." But time got away from me and I didn't do it. The next weekend when I had a little free time I thought again, "Hey, I should clean that." But of course I didn't. Well, weekends came and went, until this past weekend I really almost did it. But I didn't.

Well, today the apartment complex sent guys around and replaced all the toilets in all the apartments! So now I've got a fresh, new toilet and I didn't have to clean it at all! Of course, what are the chances of that happening again....

Had an engineer from National Instruments come speak to my Computer Science II classes today, about a summer camp that they have for burdgeoning computer scientists. It was a nice change of pace. Perhaps I need to get a lot more guest speakers.

In other news I've borrowed a digital camera from my Dad until thanksgiving. I've got some pictures of my kittens, as they've grown a bit since the pictures that are on there. Hopefully I'll get them up over thankgiving.

Not much else going on at the moment. Feeling a little under the weather, but I'm hoping lots of liquids and some extra sleep tonight will do the trick.

Thursday, 11 Nov 1999 [19:57 CST]

It has been a long week. On Saturday my parents called to let me know that my cousin David passed away Friday evening. He had been battling cancer in his chest and winning, but when it spread to his pancreas, kidneys and liver there wasn't much that could be done. He was thirty-one years old, and leaves behind Anne, his wife of only four months.

For the story of David's battle with cancer in his own words, see The Road to Victory, which also contains some remembrances from his friends. You'll smile at his spirit; he was truly a man of God.

For my part, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday trying to get six weeks grades finished up before I left town. I did, as well as information for the sub.

The funeral was in Houston on Monday, and the burial in Canton on Tuesday. I drove up to rendezvous with my parents in Palestine Sunday night, and we drove to both services. Then I returned to Austin, fairly wiped out, on Tuesday evening.

I think I'm caught up again. I've never been to the funeral of a young person who was such a child of God. Even underneath the pain there's a current of joy and strength you don't get when God's not in the picture.

Saturday, 6 Nov 1999 [15:02 CST]

I just got off the phone with Musician's Friend, where I ordered all my wireless stuff. I expect to see it on Wednesday or Thursday. I ordered the AKG Platinum WS2000/PT/410 UHF wireless headset system with the C410 headset microphone and Samson's VHFTD wireless instrument system, which is rack mountable and features VHF True Diversity. So I've taken those items off the wishlist now.

Off to school to do some more grading.

Friday, 5 Nov 1999 [22:10 CST]

Students have turned in their six weeks projects, so now all I have to do is grade them. So far things are going on schedule, which is rare for me. Maybe if I feel really awesome I'll get ahead of schedule tomorrow, leaving me with either a light day or (gasp!) no grading at all on Sunday.

I'm about to order the wireless stuff for my guitar, so hopefully it should arrive next week.

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