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Saturday, 24 Jun 2000 [20:04 CDT]

Fixed a typo and cleared up a confusing passage. Thanks, Dad.

Saturday, 24 Jun 2000 [10:51 CDT]

I guess this is one of those "once a month" updates mentioned above. With summer and the lack of a consistent schedule, it seems I can't remember to do anything.

My video drivers are unexpectedly not working again, as mysteriously as they'd begun before. The routing linux box is still on hold because the net card refuses to show in linux despite all my attempts to do so. I'm assuming now that it's broken or something. I've ordered a brand new Intel PRO 100 card, which should be in Monday. I'll whip it into shape at that time. Also found some other hardware laying around and upgraded the linux box to a Pentium 166 with 64MB RAM, so hopefully it'll be able to run an Unreal Tournament dedicated server once all is said and done.

I took my car in to get that age-old problem repaired, and this time it actually got fixed! Though it took two weeks, it was less than $150. So my car finally drives normally in the rain! After two years of misbehavior I'm really glad to have that settled.

One of the first causes of not updating this page was illness, as my brother and I both (at different times, of course) came down with a stomach flu for a couple of days apiece. Of course, we've both been recovered for two weeks now, but that was the first thing.

The worship team is having a worship concert on Friday, June 30th at 7pm. We'll be recording the service live and producing a CD from that. Right now I'm in the midst of contacting all the artists responsible for the songs that we plan to do, so I'm not yet sure how many copies of the CD we'll be able to make or how much they'll cost. Hopefully we'll be able to produce 500 or so and keep the cost near $10, but we'll see.

The past few days I've been playing a lot of Super Nintendo, particularly Super Mario World. I'm reminded again what a good game that is. Also am reading through Stephen King's Dark Tower (the gunslinger) series. My brother is one book ahead of me and is reading the fourth and most recent book, Wizard and Glass. I'm about halfway done with the third, The Waste Lands. Good stuff.

Oh, and I finally got the room change request I've been asking for for over a year. I've got all the stuff moved in to the new room and am just waiting on them to repair a water leak in the roof before I set up the networking and put together all the machines again. Though the room has considerably less storage space than my old one, it does have much more usable room space, which was why I requested the move in the first place. And all my stuff does fit into the new room, if only barely.

Check out the new layout (PNG, 4.4K).

Saturday, 3 Jun 2000 [00:24 CDT]

Hey! FTP access is up again!

Here's what I've been up to during the quiet period. Video drivers seem to unexpectedly be working again, with no changes on my part. Paul and I are tired of using WinGate in Windows to network our machines. Windows is just not made to do network routing. So we're building a linux box which hopefully we'll get doing NAT and such for us. Happened to have enough spare parts between us to build a Pentium 100 with 32M of RAM. I went out and bought a cute little 4-port hub, since we had been using a cross cable between our machines. It set me back $15 after the CompUSA rebate, and works great.

Currently I'm having difficulty getting linux to see the NIC we have in there, but I'm going to press on. Hopefully it'll be seeing the network in the next few days and then I can start seeing if I can get it to connect via modem to my ISP. And once that's working, we'll get the routing working.

Also bought Unreal Tournament yesterday. Once my video drivers decided to start working, it runs beautifully. Though I've "merely" got a 300 MHz processor, I'm getting over 20 frames per second at 1024x768 resolution, using 32-bit color and with all the bells and whistles turned on. It looks great and is quite playable. Of course, hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my machine this summer to an Athlon at 700 MHz or so, and then it'll not only be beautiful but smooth as glass.

Paul's fiancèe was in Austin this evening, and we went out to eat. Also, just about all of my college friends are going to be living in Austin this summer. Cool.

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