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Wednesday, 28 November 2001 [21:27 CST]

Monday morning when I got to school, the network was down. Across the whole school. It took them all of first period and most of second period to determine it was faulty equipment in the server room and get it fixed. The afternoon everything was fine.

Tuesday morning when I got to school, the network was down again. Only this time, it was only my room. People worked at it all day and finally decided it must be the switch in my room. They tried to blame it on the way my software was loaded, only it had been loaded that way and working fine since last spring. They didn't get a chance to come look at the switch until this afternoon (after a whole day of being down), and then decided it was configured wrong. So they configured it properly and BAM! my room still didn't work.

Finally Judi (our campus tech goddess) got a version of the netware client installed that magically worked. As a side effect she was able to get my machines printing to the new printer in my lab. So we made a new ghost image and reghosted the whole lab and now things are pretty much working again. Of course, that doesn't explain why the old client just randomly stopped working but at least I can get on with programming again.

Speaking of Mozilla, I recently discovered that there *is* a Shockwave Flash plugin for it under Linux. I'd just assumed there wasn't and had been doing without since July. I don't know how I could have believed the millions of Linux users out there would be using the web without Flash and not complaining.

Monday, 26 November 2001 [22:25 CST]

Oh, since Dad has a scanner, I got a more recent photo of myself up on the bio page. Those who haven't seen me in a while will note I'm growing my hair out again.

And speaking of photos, I'm reminded that I'm currently taking photos of all my students in preparation for the infamous yearly names quiz. They're oh, so pleased.

Monday, 26 November 2001 [22:12 CST]

Been a restful, rock-and-rolling, Thanksgiving weekend. I left for home on Tuesday evening, and stayed through Sunday afternoon. We went to see the extended family (and I in fact saw everyone I'm even tangentially related to except for one first cousin) on Thursday and ate lots.

The rest of the time we watched movies or played guitar, since Paul got a new one as an early Christmas present. It's the EGS 330 SC about half way down the page.

As for the movies, here they are in the approximate order I saw them:

Unfortunately I let my sleep schedule get all whacked over the break, so I'm going to make myself go to bed pretty soon here.

In other news, if you haven't checked out mozilla lately, you should download 0.9.6. The new tabbed interface is really addicting, and it just keeps getting better and better.

I also have to mention one of my students, Max Lash (his real name), who finally got his "gay calculator" working today. I'm not sure what it's supposed to do, but an off-by-one error in two for loops had been keeping it from working for two weeks. Way to go, Max.

Sunday, 18 November 2001 [21:54 CST]

And I thought last Sunday was good. Our first service at the new location was great. We had a packed house in one service (~200 people). Music went well; it's much different playing for 200 rather than 100.

The air conditioning isn't working yet (next week) and some other little things are unfinished, but as a whole everything looks great.

I just watched Monty Python's The Life of Brian, which was enjoyable but nowhere near as good as Holy Grail.

And that's about all to report. Only two days of school next week and then I'm going home for Thanksgiving. I am going to read a little bit of Cry, The Beloved Country, our AcaDec novel for this year which I'm quite enjoying, and then get to bed early.

Tuesday, 13 November 2001 [21:26 CST]

Worship Sunday morning was awesome. I feel good leaving that facility on such a note. Then we got busy moving everything and got it all over there by 5 or so.

Last night I went up and spent several hours finishing all the wall jacks. We only had one just really bad drop, which folks are fixing tonight (they have to pull another cable). Today they painted, and it's really starting to look sharp.

A few new links on the links page, to friends and students.

Saturday, 10 November 2001 [20:01 CST]

Three weeks since any significant update. Let's see if I can hit the high points.

Construction on the new church location has continued at a frenzied pace. I haven't been up there too much, but Bob's been there until after 10pm nearly every day in the last five weeks. Things are almost done, though. This Sunday is the last week at our old location, and after the service we're bringing everything to the new facility. Our first service at the new place will then be November 18, at 10:00 A.M. It's going to be awesome to have the whole church meeting in a single service for a change.

Two weekends ago (October 27) I had some old college friends over for a barbecue. We had H.E.B. pre-marinated beef fajitas, Earl Campbell's Hot Link, and some vegan dogs which were all pretty good. It was nice to just hang. Plus, it ranks as one of the few times I've got a grill going. I didn't do the actually grilling, but I did get the fire lit.

I did something different for Halloween. Tom and Vicki Morgan lead a discipleship group for high school/college students out of their home with the intent of then sending the students into ministry. On Halloween night they had a worship service at their house, and one of my former students (Andrew Lewis) led worship. He needed a backup guitarist, so I was on it. It was quite a lot of fun and I got to hear a message by another former Leander High School student, Chris Canada.

Other than grading the six weeks projects, I've been doing a lot of side programming at school. In the past month or so I've written two web-based programs to simplify the lives of others. The first is a calendar that allows teachers to sign up for the open computer labs at school. The second is a help request queue for the computer science teacher at Cedar Park High School so students can sign up when they need help, see who's in line before them, and so on. For the help request queue I finally figured out how to set and retrieve cookies, which will mean that I can retrofit that functionality into some of my other pages and thus the students won't have to type in their name and password multiple times in one class period.

I've been enjoying the mobile phone. So much, in fact, that I cancelled my "land line" completely. My new phone number is on the contact page, so update your records or something. I also got my photos in from my yearly school picture, so as soon as I can get around to scanning one I'll update my photo (on the bio page) as well so you folks can see me with the longer hair and goatee.

It's hard to believe I haven't done more than that in the past three weeks, but nothing else leaps to mind. Hopefully I'll get back on a more regular update schedule now that the new six weeks is underway.

Thursday, 2 November 2001 [23:45 CST]

Still around. One more day of the six weeks projects, and then a weekend to grade them, and I'll come up for air.

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