Dice with Functions

Note: this assignment is terrible. It's pretty confusing and you don't learn much from it.

Modify Dice Doubles so that it uses at least two functions. (Well, technically three, since main() is a function.)


Roll #1: 3
Roll #2: 5
The total is 8!

Roll #1: 6
Roll #2: 1
The total is 7!

Roll #1: 2
Roll #2: 5
The total is 7!

Roll #1: 1
Roll #2: 1
The total is 2!
You got doubles!

[some sort of ending]
This is the end, beautiful friend.
This is the end, my only friend.
The end of everything that stands,
The end of our elaborate plans.

This is the way the dice blowout ends;
not with a bang but a whimper.

©2013 Graham Mitchell

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