Escape Sequence Challenge

You should probably skip this assignment. It is more trouble than it is worth.

Using regular letters and escape sequences, write a program to display the following on the screen:

           /     |
           JJJJJ |  ______   __     __  ______
              JJ | /      \ /  \   /  |/      \
         __   JJ | aaaaaa  |""  \ /""/ aaaaaa  |
        /  |  JJ | /    aa | ""  /""/  /    aa |
        JJ \__JJ |/aaaaaaa |  "" ""/  /aaaaaaa |
        JJ    JJ/ aa    aa |   """/   aa    aa |
         JJJJJJ/   aaaaaaa/     "/     aaaaaaa/

Common Student Questions

Does my output have to look exactly like yours?
Yes. That's why it is a challenge.
How many spaces are at the beginning of each line?
The bottom parts use a single "tab" escape sequence to move things over. The upper parts use a single tab followed by enough spaces to make things line up.
How did you create this?
I started by using FIGlet, which is "a program for making large letters out of ordinary text." (FIGlet is very old; I remember using it in college.) For this assignment, the font I used was called "Big Money", and generated it using a "southwest" orientation. Then I manually made some changes to make it a little tougher.

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