A Smiling Face

Make a graphics program that displays a "smiley face" on the screen. The circle must be yellow. There must be a curve of a smile in the lower part of the face, and two small circles for eyes in the upper part of the face. The "mouth" should be red and the eyes should be blue.

Here is a working example version:

If you'd like a grid to help line things up, then paste the following code at the end of your own code (inside public void paint()).

// labels
g.setFont(new Font(null));
for ( int X=0; X<800; X += 50 )
    g.drawString( String.valueOf(X), X, 50 );
for ( int Y=100; Y<600; Y += 50 )
    g.drawString( String.valueOf(Y), 28, Y );
// lines
for ( int X=0; X<800; X += 50 )
    g.drawLine(X,0,X,599);    // horizontal
for ( int Y=0; Y<600; Y += 50 )
    g.drawLine(0,Y,799,Y);    // vertical

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