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In this program, you'll see how to call functions. Functions are chunks of code with a name, and "calling" a function means to call on the function to do a task for you.

Files Needed

(Do not re-type this program. Simply download a copy of the file by right-clicking and choosing "Save link as..." from the context menu. Save it into your normal code folder.)

What You Should See

1. Butterfly
2. Elephant
3. Teddy Bear
4. Snake

Which animal to draw? 1

Study Drills

  1. Add the two missing function calls for menu options 3 and 4.

  2. Change the code in the if statement for choice 1 so that it calls the 'butterfly' function twice instead of just once. What happens now when you run the program and choose option 1? (Answer in a comment right underneath where you added the extra function call.)

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