Project: Blackjack

Write a program that allows a human user to play a simplified version of Blackjack against a computer opponent. Make it as cool as you can.

The simplified blackjack rules are as follows:

As will be the case with all projects, this is not an assigment with a fixed goal. Programs that merely do what is listed above will be passing, but will certainly not be worth 100. In order to score a high grade, programs must go above and beyond the specifications. Here are suggested additional features to add:

Be aware that you won't get any extra points for adding additional features if the basic program doesn't work. That is, if your program can't successfully do the basics listed above, no amount of bells and whistles will save your grade. Programs will be graded on the following criteria:

Welcome to Mitchell's blackjack program!
You get a 6 and a 5.
Your total is 11.

The dealer has a 7 showing, and a hidden card.
His total is hidden, too.

Would you like to "hit" or "stay"? hit
You drew a 8.
Your total is 19.

Would you like to "hit" or "stay"? stay

Okay, dealer's turn.
His hidden card was a 3.
His total was 10.

Dealer chooses to hit.
He draws a 7.
His total is 17.

Dealer stays.

Dealer total is 17.
Your total is 19.


©2013 Graham Mitchell

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