Sorting an Array of Records

Repeat the previous assignment. However, once you've read in the car data from the file, then sort the array of cars by year. Then, print it out (now sorted).

From which file do you want to load this information? cars.txt
Data loaded.

Data sorted.

Car 1
	Make: Ford
	Model: Mustang
	Year: 1966
	License: AZUCAR

Car 2
	Make: Chevrolet
	Model: Chevette
	Year: 1980
	License: J43-SMB

Car 3
	Make: Toyota
	Model: Camry
	Year: 1985
	License: 622-VRX

Car 4
	Make: Honda
	Model: Civic
	Year: 1993
	License: 883-RS9

Car 5
	Make: Dodge
	Model: Neon
	Year: 1996
	License: G74-LLC

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