Sorting an ArrayList of Records

Make a record to store information about a car. (This should seem familiar.) It should contain fields for:

Create an ArrayList of Car objects.

Ask the user for the name of a file, and then open that file and read all that data from that file into the ArrayList.

Finally, sort the ArrayList of cars by year and print them out. (Note: Printing them the "easy" way won't work unless you've added a toString() method to the Car object.)

From which file do you want to load this information? cars.txt
Data loaded.
Data sorted.

ArrayList: [1966 Ford Mustang (AZUCAR), 1980 Chevrolet Chevette (J43-SMB), 1985 Toyota Camry (622-VRX), 1993 Honda Civic (883-RS9), 1996 Dodge Neon (G74-LLC)]

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