Web Addresses Array

Records are nice, but they're even better when used with an array or arraylist.

The code provided does the same as the previous assignment, but uses an array of records, instead of one variable for each record.

Files Needed

What You Should See

1. 191 Marigold Lane, Miami, FL  33179
2. 3029 Losh Lane, Crafton, PA  15205
3. 4939 Holt Street, Lake Worth, FL  33463
4. 2693 Hannah Street, Hickory, NC  28601
5. 4880 Carter Street, Fairview Heights, IL  62208

What You Should Do on Your Own

Assignments turned in without these things will receive half credit or less.

  1. The code provided counts up to 5 in the loops instead of using the .length field of the array. Fix this.
  2. Also, the code provided makes an array that only holds five addresses, but the text file contains six. Make the array bigger, so that all six addresses are read in.

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