Weekday Name

I have provided a function that is supposed to return the name of a day of the week given the day number.

Files Needed

Do not re-type this code. Simply download a copy of the file by right-clicking and choosing "Save link as..." from the context menu. Save it into your normal code folder.

Then use if and else if and else to complete it based on the following table:

NumberDay of week
1 Sunday
2 Monday
3 Tuesday
4 Wednesday
5 Thursday
6 Friday
7 Saturday
0 Saturday
anything else"error"

What You Should See

Weekday 1: Sunday
Weekday 2: Monday
Weekday 3: Tuesday
Weekday 4: Wednesday
Weekday 5: Thursday
Weekday 6: Friday
Weekday 7: Saturday
Weekday 0: Saturday

Weekday 43: error
Weekday 17: error
Weekday -1: error
Weekday 12: error

Today is a Wednesday!

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