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Wednesday, 18 February 2004 [22:26 CST]

If you aren't using a Mozilla-based browser, then why not? The browser formerly known as Firebird is now called Firefox, and version 0.8 was released recently. Download it. Use it. Love it.

And I recently bought at Fry's a cool 256 MB keychain USB flash drive. I'm digging it.

Today I got in the mail three letters from my student loan servicing corporation. Now, I haven't gotten a letter from them at all in several years, since I pay through EFT. (And pay, I do. $253.36 a month for over seven years now.)

So to get three letters on the same day was a little disconcerting. I mean, what was I to expect?

Opening one of them, I read the following fateful words:

"American Education Services (AES) would like to inform you that US National Bank Association has sold the loan referenced below to US Bank National Association, effective February 10, 2004."

The other two letters bore similar grim tidings. Yes, that's right, folks. All four of my remaining loans have been sold from the fine, upstanding folks at US NATIONAL BANK ASSOCIATION to the shady lowlifes at US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION! Or was it US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION who were the good guys and US NATIONAL BANK ASSOCIATION the ne'er-do-wells?!? Or was it that I didn't even know that US NATIONAL BANK ASSOCIATION owned my loan in the first place?

Though I'm glad to be informed of the change, I don't know many things that rank much lower on my list of things to care about. Can you say paper-shuffling? I knew you could.

In other news, I think that Patty Griffin's Living With Ghosts is one of the best albums I've gotten in a long time. I've got the whole album stuck in my head all at once, which hasn't happened to me since Soul Coughing's El Oso.

Lots more has happened since my last update, but suffice it to say that things are generally going well and that I'm still busy with school and church. In fact, kids are doing their fourth Six-Weeks projects right now, and we're about to kick off 40 Days of Purpose, which looks to be pretty cool.

Oh, and I saw Fifty First Dates this past weekend, and liked it. I still think I would have rather seen Lost in Translation, but the rest of my "party" wasn't hip to it.

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