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Friday, 26 May 2006 [23:53 CDT]

nearly free and clear

I'm done at school. I haven't checked out yet, but it's only because the two people who have yet to sign my thingy were already gone when I finished this evening. Graduation is tomorrow morning, and Project Graduation is tomorrow night (all night), and then church too soon the next morning, and then I can sleep some.

We, sirs and madams, are almost there.

Saturday, 6 May 2006 [22:47 CDT]

calm seas

My hectic week is now over. Nothing much but smooth sailing from here on out. I found out on Monday that grades were due Wednesday afternoon, when I'd expected another week to do it. I hadn't graded anything all Six-Weeks. So, Monday and Tuesday evenings I did three weeks' worth of grading.

My CS-2 kids took the AP exam on Tuesday morning, so I'm through cramming for that for the year. And next year's kids should be much more ahead of the game for all that, so I think AP prep will do nothing more than improve.

Wednesday after school the Computer Science club had its annual Game Day, where the kids brought in cool but lesser-known video games to show off to others. I brought in my GameCube and DDR Mario, and I'm pretty sure not a single kid had ever seen it.

We had Friday off (it was a bad-weather make-up day), so I got to sleep in and sure needed it. I slept until nearly 11:00 before I woke for the first time, I think.

Then last night MuteMath was at Stubb's, so a few of us from my small group went to check it out. It was extremely crowded and hot and loud, but they put on a great show. It wasn't as great as when I'd seen a few of the same musicians in their former incarnation as Earthsuit, but was still well worth the trip.

The show ran long and we even dropped by someone's house to just get rehydrated and unwind for a bit before heading home for good, so it was a little after 2am when I finally rolled in last night. And so I slept until noon this morning.

I'm going to try to get to bed pretty soon, though, or else I'll never get up on time for church.

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