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Sunday, 21 January 2007 [22:54 CST]

a startling development

This morning at church I proposed to Deanna. The ring on her finger and over fifty adult witnesses can all testify that she said 'yes'. So we're now officially engaged. Wedding is planned for September 1st if we can book a place and then get everything planned in time, or December otherwise.

You know, sometimes you just know. I've been single a long time and I'm picky. And I can say, without hyperbole, that Deanna is more amazing than I ever thought I'd be able to get. I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life, and I guess I knew better than to let her get away.

A few folks were bummed that they didn't get to hear the song I wrote for her (which I played in church immediately before the proposal), so I plan to record it and get it up here within a week or two.

Saturday, 13 January 2007 [13:16 CST]

belated Christmas report

Well, it was an amazing holiday and I'm now a week back into school. I figure I should give the Christmas report, late as it may be, before I forget what I got.

I went up to East Texas for Christmas day and most of the week following. Spend a couple of days in Palestine, a couple with my brother's family in Gilmer, and then stayed over in Palestine again before heading back to Austin. I drove in a lot of rain and also determined that once the "low gas" light comes on in my car I can still drive for more than sixty miles. The Christmas haul:

Most everyone else in my life (students, people at the New Year's Eve party I attended) has enjoyed the Wii the most because I've been demoing it to anyone who would have me. I've gotten the most use out of the shoes, because I've worn them nearly exclusively since I took them out of the box. Go Deanna!

And speaking of my girlfriend, when in Austin over the break I didn't do much but spend time with her. I guess it speaks well for my priorities that I generally prefer to hang out with my girlfriend than to play Zelda. And, probably, for my chances of keeping said girlfriend.

Oh, and it's been brewing for some time, but she's been officially hired as a lecturer at UT for the coming semester. Sweet!

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