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Tuesday, 27 March 2007 [22:37 CDT]

Casa de Luz

I downloaded Super Mario 64 for the Virtual Console the other day, and I've been playing that a bit. (Which might seem familiar to longtime readers.) Anyway, playing it with the Classic Controller feels very natural and its punctuated gameplay is a nice change from the hours-long sessions typical of Zelda. I've currently gotten 40 stars.

Deanna and I ate at an amazing restaurant on Saturday. Casa de Luz is "a gathering place for people seeking wholeness and integration in diet, exercise and experiences." You could call it a commune of sorts. Anyway, their cafeteria is open to the public, and they serve superb vegan fare. You've got to eat the single meal they're serving that day, but $12 gets you as many helpings as you like of drink, soup, salad, or the main course. Each plate contains each of the following entrèes: something pickled, a grain, greens, and a vegetable medley.

It was superb, and even though we didn't get seconds on hardly anything we both left stuffed to the gills. I highly recommend it!

I purchased a KVM switch for my home computer, so now a monitor that had been reserved for this little Linux server I've got can also be used as a second monitor for my main screen. After some initial difficulty getting multiple monitors set up under Linux, I eventually figured out that my trouble was having the respective monitors plugged in to the wrong video card outputs. Once I got that all settled, everything was fairly easy.

So now I've got two monitors staring me in the face. So much screen real estate!

Thursday, 15 March 2007 [14:56 CDT]


When Paul was here for Spring Break he helped me record a "studio" version of Isaac and Rebekah, and this morning I finally got it mixed down. So for those who wanted to jam out to those groovy sounds, you can get the mp3.

On Monday Deanna and I finally settled on a place for our wedding reception and gave them a downpayment, thereby cementing (finally) our weddding date. We're going to be getting married on Saturday, November 17, 2007. Mark your calendars!

Otherwise during Spring Break I've just worked on a lot of errands and purchased several accessories for my Nintendo Wii, including a Wavebird and a Classic Controller. I plan on downloading a couple of Virtual Console games later today to give me something less epic than Twilight Princess to play now and again.

Finally, I asked ICDSoft to switch the DNS record for for me, so sometime in the next 48 hours this site should silently switch over for you from one host to the other. There's not really any easy way you can tell which one, which is sort of the point. So here's a little key for you.

You're getting this page from LexiConn.

Saturday, 10 March 2007 [23:33 CST]

beans and bread

It's been a banner day for productivity. Spring Break is this next week, and my brother is in town. But he wasn't going to be here until 8:30pm or so, and I woke up pretty early today.

So I cleaned up the place. I made a pot of garbanzo beans in anticipation of making some hummus soon. I baked two loaves of bread, something I used to do all the time but haven't done much of lately.

The biggest thing I did was create a third webhosting account with ICDSoft, the company that currently hosts my other two sites: Brothers Frail (which is in dire need of an update) and

I've hosted at LexiConn Internet Services for more than six years now, and they've been superb. Excellent customer service and virtually no downtime. But, they're geared for more demanding customers, I think, and so I think I don't really need the level of service they offer. So I'll be moving hosting for over to ICDSoft sometime over Spring Break, which will give me all three domains with the same folks and incidentally save me quite a bit of money.

Right now I've got identical copies of the site at both hosting providers. As I write this, you're looking at the LexiConn version. But once I'm sure the new site works just as well, I'll update the DNS records and things will transparently switch to the ICDSoft version. Assuming everything works as advertised, you shouldn't even know when this happens.

Anyway, Paul's in town through Monday afternoon or so. We may play some video games. Go to Chuy's. Play some music. That kind of thing. We'll keep you posted.

Saturday, 3 March 2007 [13:45 CST]

a month of activity

A couple of you expressed concern that you couldn't always make out the words of the song, so here they are: lyrics to Isaac and Rebekah

I'd mentioned in my last update that I was so busy doing things with Deanna that I didn't have much time to write about it. So, pulling out my little daily activity log, here's an outline of some of what we've done together in, say, the last month:

Things are still plugging along at school. We've only got about ten weeks of school left, and I'm about ready for it to be over. It's been an exhausting year for the most part.

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