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Tuesday, 8 February 2005 [18:16 CST]

I played around with the stylesheet for the navigation menu to the right. Scroll the page and watch it stay!. If you like it, let me know. If you don't, let me know. If it looks terrible or unusable on your browser, let me know what browser you're using, and send me a screenshot if you can.

I beat the original Legend of Zelda on Sunday, which I'd been playing. And I began The Ocarina of Time, but all I did was get past the opening cutscene and haven't even left the first room.

The Superbowl party was fun, and my slow-cooker beans and rice turned out just fine.

Saturday, 5 February 2005 [21:01 CST]

After nearly a month of being sick, I think I've finally recovered. And without ever making it to the doctor, even though I kept meaning to go. Let's hear it for God's skill in making our bodies self-healing systems!

Last week was Leander I.S.D.'s annual Continuous Improvement Conference, which I always enjoy (since I'm good at sitting in lectures). I got to show off my Skills Quizzer software to Jeff Burgard and his wife, who'd been the inspiration for the "100 Facts" concept in the first place, so that was pretty cool.

I beat Paper Mario within a week of my last update, since I'd decided to just stop messing around and agressively advance the plot. I ended up finishing the game in 72.5 hours, all told. I've put the game in the mail to my brother today, so he can enjoy it, too. If you own a GameCube and like RPGs, then I'd highly recommend picking it up yourself.

Last night I skipped small group to see Leander's annual choir talent show, which is always a good time. I had many students performing, but although they all did very well, none of them placed in the top three. I must confess that overall it was a very tight race.

The sound was also spectacular this time, whereas it's usually fairly bad.

I should mention that grahammitchell.com is now the only domain name associated with this site. I started with grahammitchell.net four years ago, and then added the dot com version to the mix two years ago. But since I originally wanted grahammitchell.com anyway, and since there's no compelling reason for a site this small to have two domain names, I let grahammitchell.net expire. Which it did yesterday.

So, if you've been too lazy to update your bookmarks to grahammitchell.com like I told you, then you probably aren't reading this. This of course affects my email, too.

As an added bonus (despite the reduced hosting costs), my spam email count is likely to drop off dramatically, since fully 90% of the spam email I receive was going to the dot net addresses.

Anyway, I'm going to head off to the grocery store and get some stuff to make beans and rice in my new crock pot for tomorrow's Super Bowl party at the church.

Though before I go, I should mention that Mom got me the 5th season of The Simpsons on DVD for an early Single's Awareness Day gift, thus probably completing my collection of one of my most often-quoted TV shows.

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