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Friday, 17 June 2005 [22:57 CDT]

I still haven't done much on my TODO list, though I did download the just-released Fedora Core 4. I haven't been able to burn a working copy at church yet, though.

A couple of weeks ago, I went up to Gilmer for a couple of days so my brother and I could work out songs. See, he's been asked to lead worship at a youth camp near Dallas that'll have a couple hundred kids. That's next week. He's asked me to help him out. So he'll be playing acoustic guitar and singing, and I'll be doing everything else: djembe, electric guitar, bass guitar, or a twelve-string acoustic, depending on what a given song needs the most.

So what we did during my stay was hash all that out. Which songs we'd be playing and which instruments fit best. I'm having to learn a few songs I didn't know, and he is, too. So it's a good cross-pollination for both of us.

The Saturday after I got back into town, I went to the Alamo Drafthouse, where I got to see the creators of homestarrunner.com do a live show, some karaoke and a Q&A time. Afterward, I got to shake their hands, talk briefly, and have them sign my CD and DVDs. It was cool, though on the drive back up I had a flat tire and had to change it QUICKLY on what was a rarely-travelled dark street just off Sixth Street a little after midnight. A drunk guy tried to help, but I got three lugnuts on and tightened in the time it took him to thread one. Oh, well. And so I bought a new tire Monday morning.

Monday night, I had a blind date, and it went well. Our free time doesn't line up very well, but there will probably be a second date eventually. This lady is one that one of the women at church has been trying to set me up with since at least November. She's been persistent, and I so eventually caved, though I never have been a fan of blind dates.

I played a lot more of Majora's Mask this week, and in fact just got the hookshot this evening. I now have all the tools I need to complete all the side quests in the game, even if I don't progress the plot much at this point. So that's good, I guess.

In fact, I stayed up until 4:30 A.M. on Thursday morning (Wednesday night?) playing the darn thing. Though it's a Nintendo 64 game, I'm playing the Game Cube port which is a little buggy. Three times now the game has completely locked up, and since you can't really arbitrarily save your game, I had to redo hours of work. Which is frustrating.

The first time I thought it was just a fluke, but after it happened the second time, I started playing differently, and saving as often as possible, which meant I'd have to redo minor sections to resume where I'd left off, but at least it was under my own terms, and I knew I wouldn't have to redo anything hard. So the third time it happened, I only lost maybe ten minutes of "catch-up" playing, so I think I've got it under control now.

Oh, and I should mention that I've decided not to renew my lease at my apartment complex. I've enjoyed my three years here, but a friend from church (named "Monday" (he's from Nigeria), who is Lakeline's main drummer at the moment) was looking for a housemate. He's got a nice two-story 3/2 with just over two thousand square feet, and he's willing to rent me one of the two empty bedrooms for just $450 a month plus half of utilities. The bedroom is a little bigger than the one in my 700-square-foot apartment, I get my own bathroom, I get to put my other stuff in the living room(s), and I get to use the garage. Not to mention that it's a mere 2.5 miles from school, which is maybe fifteen minutes by bike. Nice.

My current lease isn't up until the end of July, but I'll probably go ahead and start moving things in as soon as I get back from camp.

The last significant event of the last couple weeks that I can remember at the moment is that I had lunch with an OLD friend from high school: Starr Kendall. He lives in New York right now as a starving-artist actor, but is down in Texas for Alan Kitchings' wedding. So I introduced him to the huge pancakes of Kerby Lane Cafe. And he ate the whole thing....

Saturday, 4 June 2005 [21:03 CDT]

I finally beat The Ocarina of Time today. And I started Majora's Mask. I'm not sure if I'm going to like not being able to save the game for long periods of time.

Otherwise, I didn't do much this week as far as my TODO list goes. One week down, nine more to go....

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