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Sunday, 29 May 2005 [15:47 CDT]

School is out, and I am basically free for the next ten weeks.

I had laryngitis all week, and only this morning did my voice really clear up well enough to sing. By the second service, I was at about 70%, which was a big improvement from the days prior. Let's hear it for sleeping as much as possible and pushing fluids.

Anyway, this past week was the last week of school, and all I did was administer finals and grade them and then get to work on all the check-out procedures teachers have to do at the end.

Thursday was the last day for the students, and it was a half-day, so I worked much of the afternoon on things. Then Friday morning all I had to do was show up, sign the attendance roster for the week and then turn in my grades, so I was free to go by 9:40am Friday morning.

Of course, I stayed up at school until about 4 just getting a start on my summer TODO list (in particular, backing up the server and student's code, which is always a wise thing before a long break).

Then when I got home, I resumed play on Zelda, which had been sort-of on hold. I'd been trying to beat the Water Temple, and had a breakthrough last Sunday night where I found the hardest-to-find key and was able to get the Longshot. After that, the rest of the level is downhill, and so I knocked that out Friday evening. I then went through the "Bottom of the Well" and the Temple of Shadow fairly quickly by comparison. When I get home I plan to just fool around with some side quests before I start advancing the plot in earnest again.

Saturday morning I got up early to attend graduation down at the Erwin Center, and then ran a few errands afterward. I took a nap that afternoon (from 2pm until 6 or so), and then got up to play more Zelda and eventually go to Project Graduation, where I was from midnightish until 2am. Then home for another 4-hour "nap".

This morning was church (as usual), and as I wrote, my voice held. We went to eat pizza afterward, and now I'm updating the web page.

Tomorrow will basically be my first real day off for the summer. And I think I'm going to do nothing all day. Read maybe. Maybe make some pancakes from scratch. Who knows?

Tuesday, 17 May 2005 [23:35 CDT]

I wrote something poetic a couple of months ago. I found it in my legal pad while searching for a blank page on which to hash out the set list for the Sunday. It was written about 1:30am late Monday night on March 21 (though technically early the next day), and includes references to events mentioned in the entry for that day. I don't like to waste content, so here it is! (Nearly two months late but none the worse for wear.)

Today, these hands (in no particular order):

In other news, the end-of-the-year projects are completed and even graded, and I've only got exams to give and about a week and a half left. I'm behind on sleep but feelin' fine.

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