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Thursday, 28 April 2005 [22:42 CDT]

Okay, so it's been five weeks since my last update. But I learned my lesson with July 2004: I'm resolved not to entirely miss a month again.

I'm in the home stretch of school right now. Last week was the always-intense week of TAKS testing, and today my Computer Science I students began their End-of-Year projects. The Computer Science II kids are ramping up for the AP exam in a couple of weeks, and then there's just wrap-up end-type things to go.

What I haven't done in the last month is bake bread. That weekend of eight loaves just burned me out, and baking is something you want to look forward to, not dread. I think I'm about ready, though, and so I may do some Saturday morning.

Tomorrow night our small group is heading to Austin's Park n Pizza, where we'll potentially enjoy a pizza and salad buffet, lazer tag, a rock-climbing wall, bumper boats, go-carts, miniature golf and unlimited video games. And probably a whole bunch of children, I expect.

I've played a little more of Zelda, and am starting my assault of the infamous Water Temple. And speaking of water, I splurged and bought a water cooler for my classroom. It chills water to near freezing, heats water to very near boiling, and has a third tap for room-temperature. Takes those standard 5-gallon bottles, which it turns out you can purchase outright for about $20 at Whole Foods and then refill yourself with their very tasty purified water for $2 a pop.

Anyway, that's been much more convenient for making hot cocoa and coffee and such than having to take a pitcher into the teacher's lounge several times a day and constantly boiling water either in the hot pot or microwave. It was $85 (not counting the bottles), but I'm a happy camper all the same. The Gardetto's are selling very nicely, too.

It also should be mentioned that as of Tuesday my mother is now a 55-year-old "senior citizen" according to many restaurants and such and will probably be enjoying lower-priced movie tickets and the like. Which is just funny, especially since she looks younger still than many of the 40-somethings that come into her workplace. She'll probably get carded, even. Ho, ho!

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